Middlesex Beach Sequence Info Page

Dates in bold were added "recently". Dates in italics are ones I'm questioning for some reason.

Prior to March 26, 1998, all pictures were taken with an Olympia Z-200 35 mm camera, having a 38mm wide angle lens. After 6 years of being taken outside to photograph storms, it died. This camera was replaced with a Minolta "Supreme Freedom Zoom Elite" having one important feature: the wide angle lens was the same 38mm as the old Olympia. Admittedly, it took a few tries to get the date stamp feature set properly. Regrettably, that camera ceased functioning in early 2001, and has yet to be replaced. All photos were then scanned on a Mustek MFS 8000-MSP scanner.

Sometime in the fall of 2003, I made it alot easier on myself, and started using a Kodak digital camera.

In October of 2011, the Kodak died-probably for the same reason the others did. A Sony digital camera took its place. It lasted about 6 months. I've been using whichever cellphone is in my pocket since early May 2012.

The pictures were taken from the walkway to the beach stairs at Addy Road, Middlesex Beach, DE, starting just after Christmas 1991. After having taken pictures on January 2nd and 3rd, 1992, I had to do the 4th even though I had to run out between the waves heading up the walkway. I've kept it up since then.

The walkway and stairs survived the 92 storms. In 1994 new dunes were built wider, necessitating new stairs closer to the ocean than the old ones. All pictures were taken from approximately the same location on this walkway. The general idea was to walk out to the point where you could look south and see the Boathouse's porch roof beyond Hank Forrest's place, then snap 3 pictures, trying to get some of the stair railing in the middle one. After the early February 98 Nor'East'r, that part of the walkway no longer existed.

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